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An arbor will enhance any landscape and garden design. Garden arbor designs are available from the simple to extremely complex. For the home handyman who is competent in woodworking, building an arbor is not an overly complex project. Depending on the complexity of the design only basic power and hand wood working tools are required.

These arbor and trellis ideas show ways to grow plants, add privacy, and provide overhead shade in your garden or patio. Rose arbors are the classic choice, but there are many other planting options as well. These arbor and trellis ideas show ways to grow plants, add privacy, and provide overhead shade in your garden or patio.

By definition, an arbor incorporates a trellis into its structure to create a tunnel-like passageway into another area of the yard or garden. They can be freestanding or connected to another structure, like a fence.

Two-Tone Metal Vine Trellis Doubles as Garden Art. Add artistic flair to your outdoor space. Perfect for flowering vines and trellised veggies. Choice of Right or Left panel. The. Nocturne Collection. of plant supports adds a playful, artistic note to your garden. Use this trellis alone, as a pair for

Nothing completes the look of a patio or garden like a garden trellis. Not only will a trellis add beauty to your home but they are also very functional for growing vines, clematis and other climbing flowers. Add some interest to your floral arrangements or to the overall layout of your patio set with a metal trellis or privacy screens.

Trellises are like a single wall of an arbor; they can be attached to the side of a buildings, or they can stand freely in gardens. Pergolas are like arbors, but instead of being topped by an arch, pergolas have a set of posts that support a flat, rooflike structure.

Rustic Garden Arbor Ideas Photograph Rustic Arbor/Trellis
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